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The state of travel has changed a lot in the last few weeks and the updates come daily.  Some European countries have or are planning soon to open their borders to vaccinated travelers, some require testing, some countries require you to fly on a Covid-Tested flight, others require insurance, and some don't. 

On any given day entry guidance can change, so it's important to review entry rules both when you book, and again just before you travel.  While there are more places Americans can go today, it's not as simple as it was in early 2020.

Next week I head to Croatia for an American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) Destination Expo in Dubrovnik, my first trip to Europe since 2019.Croatia has remained largely open to US citizens throughout most of the pandemic and this trip was originally scheduled for November 2020.  Most European destinations are hoping to capture some of the pent-up travel demand to help recover from the year without tourists. 


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